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Starting your journey

What brings you here?   

You may have just stumbled over this page and may not yet have a clear idea about what you're looking for.  

Or you might have previous experience of therapy and feel it's the right time to return.   

Whatever your reasons, I offer a space for you to reflect and examine the issues that matter for you.  I work in partnership with my clients to help them get a better understand of what this are going through – without judgement or criticism.   

Why therapy?

I believe that there is a need in all of us to speak our truth.  We all have a desire to be authentic – to be real – and sometimes that it not always possible.  We may be in a challenging relationship; we might feel lost in the crowd; we may be hiding who we really are from others – even ourselves.  

This has an impact on us.  

Therapy is a space where you can explore those feelings and begin to understand what you want.  It's a space where you don't have to hide - where you can start to look at what's happening in your life and where you want to go next.  

With this can come transformation and change; a realisation that we may no longer want things the way that they are.    

Trust, connection & a safe space

Working with a non-judgemental manner is an important part of my practice.  Many of us face judgement that is negative or disproportionate in our lives – designed to hold us back and limit us.  Creating a space for my clients where they can be themselves is a vital part of therapy.   

One of the most important things for me in the therapeutically relationship is just that - the relationship.  Choosing to enter therapy can be a big decision for some - you may not have had therapy before or not spoken about your experiences and would like to explore your feelings and emotions - trust is vital in this process.   

Your your pace

For me, there can't be any discovery or exploration without trust; one of my goals is to establish that connection with a client so they have a space that is their own - where they can find, acknowledge and grow into their true selves.  Sometimes that trust can be established quickly between client and therapist; other times it can take more time - I will work with you at your own pace. 


My practice - working with you

I practice by integrating a number of therapeutic approaches - also known as working integratively.  

We are all different....unique.  Our experiences and relationships create the person we are.   Just as every moment we experience is different - the approach I use with each client will be unique to them.  As the therapeutic relationship deepens and grows; so will the approach.  The one constant is that you will be at the centre.  

My commitment to you

The therapeutic relationship isn't about telling you what you should do or that you're right or wrong.  You might find yourself in a moment where you are not sure what is happening or how to react - and that's absolutely fine.  One of the goals of therapy is to explore the uncertainty that you may be feeling.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to explore your thoughts, feelings and emotions,  I will work to help you carve out time and space to allow you to reflect, examine and understand whatever is happening for you.   

So where do you go next?

That decision is entirely yours.

If what you've read so far resonates with you - do get in touch to schedule a session.

You may want to know more about me and my own journey and what's important to me  first- if you do, just scroll down.  


More about me....

More about me...

Hi there - my name is Naeem and I am an integrative counsellor - a fancy way of saying that I've trained in a number of therapeutic theories which I use in my practice with clients.  I thought that I'd share a little more about myself here and why I trained as a counsellor. 

I am passionate about social justice, diversity and inclusion - informed by my own lived experienced as well as working in non-majority groups in the voluntary sector.   I've also worked on a variety of Diversity & Inclusion and Leadership & Culture strands in the civil service.  The environments that we live, work and play in can all have an affect on our identity, self-worth and self-esteem - managing that balancing act is one of the challenges of life.  



Volunteering is an important part of who I am and has also played a part in my life - though it; I've had the privilege of working with and learning from different and diverse people and communities.  That difference and diversity is an important part of my practice as a therapist.  I've been an active volunteer in a cultural and religious organisation for sometime and have an understanding of some of the challenges that minority groups can face.

Joining Switchboard was the start of my journey to become a therapist - initially as a listening volunteer, I later felt that I wanted to contribute more to the organisation and took the decision to stand as a Trustee on the Board of the charity alongside my listening role.  I saw the amazing work that many people in the community contribute to - giving their spare time and having an immediate impact by listening to another person - without judgement or direction.

Listening to the journey of others

Many of the calls the helpline could be emotive - involving issues related to the breakdown of relationships, suicide, identity and belonging - as well as the impact of both physical and emotional violence.  While these calls were difficult, I realised that I wanted to do more to work with others in a more targeted and longer-term way.  

While at Switchboard, I took on a training role supporting new trainees - helping the consolidate their classroom based learning and using their 'listening skills' with service users.  Just as important was helping them process the often difficult emotions that they were left with after a call.  Some of the most memorable and rewarding moments involved learning, teaching and helping others develop and grow - again, an important part of my practice.  

Difference, Diversity, Other, Them 

Being different in any way - whether than related to culture, ethnicity, gender, sexuality or anything really - can be an amazing journey of self-discovery and it can also be disruptive and destructive.  

Being 'othered'; not being seen, heard or listened to, not represented or not belonging can leave an individual searching for that something that is just out of their reach.  Questioning yourself - your very right to be present and exist will undoubtedly have a negative impact on mental, spiritual and physical health.  


Working together - what to expect

I don't have all the answers and I certainly don't have all the solutions.  What I can provide is a space where you can be you.  

A space where you can take a deep breathe without all the restrictions that society can place on a person.  

A space where you can be tearful, weary, angry, ecstatic and thoughtful and resentful - where you can experience pain and tears without judgement.  

A space where you will have a witness and support on your journey of self-discovery.  

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